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Interviews Radio 1 sit in Dj
Between July 27th and July 31st, each morning between 9a.m. And 11a.m.,

Chris And Neil repeated last year’s sit in DJing on Radio One whilst Simon Bates was on holiday. They were the only guests invited back from last year, And again were the only ones to broadcast live (this year’s other DJs for the rest of the month were Oleta Adams, Diana Ross And Def. Leopard’s Joe Elliot).
For these shows they made a series of new jingles, on the first day bought ice creams for all the fans waiting outside, And very much enjoyed themselves. Nevertheless “I don’t know if they’ll ask us again,” says Chris. “I felt we were too radical this time. Last year the public could relate to where music was at, but this year there’s too much of a divergence between public taste And what’s actually happening.” Here are the highlights…


Neil: Hello, this is Neil Tennant.
Chris: I’m Chris Lowe. We’re the Pet Shop Boys.
Neil: We’re here live all this week on Radio One.
Chris: This is the Golden Hour.
One Two Three “Runaway”
Neil: This is the Pet Shop Boys live on Radio One with the Golden Hour, playing records from the year when Cecil Parkinson admitted having an affair with his secretary, Sarah Keys.
Chris: Yeah, And one of the big films this year was Flash dance.
Irene Cara “Flash dance. . . What a Feeling”
Chris: Well, if you know what the year was you can phone us on 071 6374343 or fax us on 071 6362476.

Neil: And in this year, to give you a clue, this was the year when Boy George was probably the biggest pop star in the world.
Culture Club “Victims”
Tina Turner “Let ‘Stay Together”
Neil: Playing records from the year when Mrs Thatcher was reelected in a General Election. This was also the year when the police fired 15 bullets in a stationary yellow mill in Earl’s Court And shot a man called Stephen Waldoff.
Chris: Yeah, And the Style Council had a big hit with this record.
The Style Council “Long Hot Summer”
Neil: We’re starting to get faxes in already. Diane Edwards, “a mega -fan from Chelinsford”, says hello. Hello, Diana. And she also says to Chris, “Chris, I love the Cicero video”.

Chris: Wow.
Forest “Rock The Boat”
Neil: Beverley Ridge from Cumbria thought she thought the year was 1984, but she likes the show anyway. And this was 1983, the year when, believe it or not, Malcolm Mclaren was a pop star.
Malcolm Mclaren And the World’s Famous Supreme Team ~ Laura Barging “Gloria”
Chris: Right, the time now is 9.30 And here’s the news with Rod McKenzie.
Neil: OK, we’re moving on to a new year here. That was from the year when Harold Wilson mysteriously resigned And was replaced as Prime Minister by Jim Callaghan. It was also the year of Donna Summer.
Donna Summer “Could It Be Magic”
Neil: This is Bryan Ferry from the year in which Howard Hughes, the reclusive billionaire died, and also Viscount Montgomery – Monty died as well.
Bryan Ferry “The Price 0/Love” The Isley Brothers “Harvest For The World”
Diana Ross “Love Hangover” Andrea True Connection “More More More
Chris: The year of course was 1976. Isaac Have Movement “Disco Connection”
Neil: The time now is ten o’clock and we’ll be back in a few seconds.
Chris: Hello, this is Pet Shop Boys again live. Big hello out there to the traveler’s and everyone suffering out there. Bye.

Felix “Don’t You Want Me”
Neil: Actually I had to get up at the crack of dawn this morning to get here for 8 o’clock. Bit early for me really. But we’re playing some of the best of the new records that we like.
Fierce Ruling Diva “You Got a Believe”
Chris: Well, coming up at 10.30 we’ve got a fifteen minute nonstop dance mix from Cohn Faver.
Good 2 Bad & Hubly “Espania”
Neil: The Pet Shop Boys here live on Radio One. Just reading the latest issue of Music Week, which is the music business sort of newspaper, and it’s interesting to see that the BBC television have finally admitted that Top Of The Pops is in something of a state of crisis. You probably realize that last year they rejigged the format to basically try and cut out all the rave records, like these things that we’re and now what they think they’re 801118 to do is stop going by the charts and go by the producer’s choice. So what do you think? Do you think the chart no longer reflects people’s taste intrinsic, and that we should let the Top of The Pops producer choose it’ or do you think we should go back to the old Top 40 system? You can phone or fax us, so let us know your views on the new Top of The Pops and how you think it should change.

The Age of Love ‘The Age of Love”
Chris: Well, a couple of fares just come in, one saying Up lease say hello to all the young farmers who’ve just returned home trip to Sweden’. Apparently it was brilliant and everyone had a great time. And here’s one that says “he’s of to the Manchester Hacienda posse from Jane, Bob and Claire, Stretford”. Nice one. Top one. And all that stuff. (Neil laughs)
Baby June ‘Hey What’s Your Name”
Neil: And Just to prove there are still some good records in the charts wet re now going to play
Rhythm Is a Dancer”. Snap ‘Rhythm I: A Dancer”
Neil: We’ll be back in a few ‘minutes with a fantastic mag a mix by Colin Faver.
Colin Faver mag a mix
Chris; if you want to be hear more of Colin Faver, he’s at Knowledge on Wednesdays at Swiss and Rage at Heaven on Thursdays.
Rachel Wallace ‘Tell Me Why”

Neil: Well, the telephone and the fax machine has been buzzing since we asked your opinions on Top Of The Pops. Should they 50 back to the old format? Should they get rid of rave records? Should they have more old artists? Should they change the presenters? Allison Freser from Bidford-on-Avon thinks Top of The Pops is “pretty flaw’ and they should follow the Top 40. Gerald Hartley from Nottingham tribe it should be chart-based and represent new entries without repeating things Dana from Sheffield says “bring back the Top 40” and, believe it or not, “get the Radio One DJs back”. Neil from Norwich this it should remain as it is. Shaun from Somerset think it should go back to the old format but with “less Ensure and more rock”. Chris Jepps from Manchester thinks it should reflect the charts. Greg from London this it should get back to the chains. Chloe from London this Top Of The Pops is “an obnoxious karraoky contest” and should go back to the old Top 40 format
Chris: And that’s enough from you. Urban Shakedown ‘Some Justice”

Neil: Just to continue my rant about Top of the Pops here, it seems that the vast majority of people who’ve phoned or faxed in think it should go back to the Top 40 and something more or less like the old format, so I hope Michael Huril and all at BBC television are taking some notice of what you all think
Chris: Last record from us.
Love & Sew ‘Don’t Stop Now”
Neil: As the show’s nearly ended we’d like to do a few dedications here. We’d like to say hello to everyone who’s outside Radio One at the moment They’re all eating free ice creams at the moment. And I would like say “happy 21st birthday” to Claire Golding from Birmingham whose birthday is actually today.

Chris: So that’s, UN, just about it today from … from … (Laughs)… blubalubbalub.. Hope you tune in again tomorrow when we’ve got some more great golden oldies and some fresh new tunes.
Neil: See you then tomorrow.


Chris: Good morning, we’re the Pet Shop Boys.
Neil: Starting off with the Golden Hour.
Depeche Mode Love The Silence”
Neil: What was the year? Well, it was the year when the government announced they were going to provide £12 minion for a search into mad cow disease – that made a lot of difference.
Chris: And Neil’s favorite paper, The Independent On Sunday, was launched
Kyle Minegue ‘Better The Devil You Know” nSnap ‘The Power”
Neil: Playing music from the year when was reported that 32 people died in the hurricane force winds in south Britain It was also the year when the Mayor of Washington, Marion Barry, was arrested for the possession of crack
Stevie V ‘Dirty Cash”

Hard-core Uproar “Together”
Neil: Other fascinating news events from this year: Labour MP Ron Brown was found guilty or causing criminal damage to his lover’s flat and famed £1,000, and at the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand Welsh weightlifter Ricky Chapman was stripped of his gold medal after a positive drug test.
Happy Mondays EMF ‘Unbelievable”
Neil: The year was 1990.
Doubled Featuring Dany ‘Found Love”
Sylvester ‘Menergy”

Chris: That was “Menergy” by Sylvester and Patrick Cowley. This year the British miners started a strike, and the police illegally used roadblocks from the first time. Anyway, Shannon was doing it in the clubs
Shannon “Give Me Tonight”
Neil: It was the year when Ronald Reagan announced his decision to seek relocation but, in spite of that, it was a great year for dance music coming out of New York New Order went to New York and recorded this with Arthur Baker.
New Order “Thieves Like Us”
Chris: Right, the following people got it wrong. Justin and Tristan at Wakefield Design Center who thought it ~a’ *77. What else? I have to start another record while I’m talking (they both laugh)… .[ can’t do everything at once. Oh. Excellent. a Madonna… here she is.
Madonna “Borderline”

Neil: We’ve had tons of phone calls with the right year- 1984.
Chris: We’ll be back with some new stuff after Rod McKenzie.
Neil: Coming up this half hour we’ve got an exclusive unreleased Michele Jackson mix which has been sneaked into the building by Brothers in Rhythm.
Hyper Go Go “High”
Neil: Coming up now an exclusive remix of the new Michael Jackson single, done by Brothers In Rhythm just a few weeks ago, and it’s not going to be released in the UK; it’s only going to be on US Import copies. Here it is.

Michael Jackson “Who Is It? (Brothers In Rhythm House Mix)”
Chris: Right, well coming up after the news we’ve got today’s megamix by the tap Pack If you’re going out clubbing tonight here’s a few to check out. The Beny Ford Clinic at the Wag.
Neil: Abba at Bar Industrial in London with Fat Tony DJing tonight.
Chris: (laughing) Ciao Baby at the Fridge in London -with Mark Lawrence and Mark Andrews plus a live show by Caged Muscle.

Neil: Sounds camp.
Neil: I’d just like to say happy birthday to my brother Simon in Manchester whose birthday it is today.
Andronicus “Make You Whole”
Chris: Thanks to the Rap Pack for that Excellent. mix. Here’s two tracks coming up from Liquid.
Liquid “Sweet Harmony” Liquid “House (ft A Feeling)
Neil: That’s all from us, the Pet Shop Boys, today.
Chris: Yeah, thanks a lot for listening. We’ll be back tomorrow and…. …. hope you’re listening in.


Chris: Morning.
Neil: Hello.
David Bowie “Boys Keep Swinging”
Chris: What was the year?
Patrick Hernander “Born To Be Alive”
Neil: Yes, this is the Pet Shop Boys live on Radio One FM, playing records from the year when the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran to become its leader after 14 years of exile in France.
The bee Gees “Tragedy”

Tube way Army “Are ‘Friends ‘Ekctric”
Neil: It was the year of Gary Numan and The way Army, and also the year that rail strikes began in the UK, and Mrs Thatcher became the first women prime minister
Elvis Costello “Oil per’s Army”
Chris: We’ve got a fax here from Jim Lawrence who says “Neil and Chris, I think the year for part one in 1977, but I’m probably wrong as usual. Keep up the good work” Well, he is wrong actually (laughs).
Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand “No More
Tears (Enough Is Enough)” The Clash “London Calling”
Chris: The year, of course, was 1979.

Chris: Right, this is the Pet Shop Boys, back with the second part of the Golden Hour, and another brilliant record. But what was the year?
Kariya “Let Me Love You Tonight”
Neil: That was Kariya, from the year when Arthur Scraggily was reelected as president of the National Union of Mine workers.
Womack & Womack “Teardrops”
Chris: This was the year that hundreds of nurses marched on Parliament in support of more money for the NHS, and pay claims.
S’Express “Theme From S’Express”
Neil: It was the year that Bank Of England pound notes ceased to be legal tender, Andy Warhol’s art collection went on sale at Sotheby’s in New York and we made a record with Patsy Kensit.
Eighth Wonder “I’m Not Scared” Johnny Kemp ‘Just Got Paid”
Neil: This is the Pet Shop Boys live, saying hello to (long list of names who have all guessed the year right).

Chris: Y~ So has Mark Ridley from Country Durham.
Neil: That’s Mary Ridley, actually.
Chris: Oh., is it? (Pause) Oh. yeah, what did I say?
Neil: Mark
Chris: (Laughs) Well there you go. And this is – what is it? – “Break 4 Love”, Raze.
Rare “Break 4 Love”
Neil: The year was 1988, the year when Bros. were unavoidable.
Bros. “when Will I Be Famous?”

Chris: Well, that’s the end of the Golden Hour.
Neil: Kicking off pan two of our show with Messiah and “I Feel Love” Messiah “I Feel love”
Chris: Coming up at 10.30 we’ve got today’s megamix Slip Mat ……… (Laughs)… Slip Man and Lime, otherwise known as 812.
Baby June 4 Hey What’s Your Name”
Neil: I wonder if you can work out who this is.
Boy George “The Crying Game”
Neil: This is, of course, Boy George with a preview of his new twelve-inch remix, -The Crying Game”, coming out in the end of August.

The Rat Pack “Taking You Higher”
Chris: That was the Rat Pack, who did our megamix yesterday if you want to check that out.
Felix “Don’t You Want Me”
Neil: Got millions of fares coming in here today, There’s one… nice one here from the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds they says “Chris, keep on raving” and “Neil, you’re still a sex God”, even though I’m… of course I’m really a middle-aged man. “And if Dainton is around, can he say hello too?” Well, Dainton, who actually works for us, and you might have seen in the “So Hard” video, is coming in later, so maybe we’ll… we’ll put him on the air.
Chris: Another one, fax here, from Robes in where is it? – Brighton or somewhere. Oh no, Sevenoaks. Saying – what does he say? – can he watch us cut a record in the studio? ER, no. (Neil Laughs) “Not any chance of a signed record or photo?” No. Actually possibly. Anyway….
Neil: Oh’ he can have a signed photo, can’t he?
Chris: This record is “Lock Up”, Zero B.
Neil: Let’s just shut up and listen to it shall we?

Zero B “Lock Up”
Neil: This is a record we weren’t going to play (laughs)
because it’s on our own label and ft kind of seems a bit Cheeky actually we’re getting loads of requests to hear this – It’s the new twelve-Inch remix from Cicero. And if you want to see Cicero he’s playing tonight at Markeaton Park, Derby. Dainton’s here – he’s going up with him. What time’s he going to be on’ Dainton?
Dainton: About between seven and eight.
Neil: Between seven and eight, so it shouldn’t be too late a night for you.
Chris: You’ll be in bed by ten
Cicero “Heaven Must Hare Sent You Back To Me”
Neil: Got a bit of a complaint here from the entire stall of Nixon Studios in Dale Street’ Manchester, who say “can’t you stop playing all this dance rave rubbish and play something decent from the hit parade like Elvis or the Beetles?” I think, Brian from Nixon Studios, you’re in a bit of a time warp. This is the 1990; you know, not the mid Sixties.

Papa Dee “Anita No Substitute”
Chris: You’re listening to the classic sound of Papa Dee there. I’ve got a fax here saying, what am I wearing? Some aftershave, really. Here’s another great record coming up.
F.OA.D. “Work it Out”
Neil: That’s just about it for today. We’ll be back again tomorrow.
Chris: We’ll be back with more manufactured pop tomorrow.


Brace Springsteen “Dancing In The Dark”
Neil: Yeah, the fares are coming in. Rob, Jase and Paul at Lockwell’s in AIbridge think the year in 1983. I’m afraid it’s not. And everyone at the neon tube manufacturers in Globe Road, Leeds, thinks it’s 1986 – well, it Anita that either.
USA For Africa We Are The World”
Neil: Well I think that’s given the year away. The year of Live Aid was of course 1985. That’s USA For Africa and “We Are The World”. Actually, I love Bob Dylan on the record.
The Flirts “You And Me”
Neil: Moving back in time to the year when President Nixon called a halt to the US offensive in Vietnam. This is the Temptations.

The Temptations “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”
Neil: We interrupt this record now for a news flash.
Rod Mackenzie: Thanks very much indeed for letting us in Let me give you what we have just heard. Three British competitors are being sent home from Barcelona from the Olympic Games. This is after some drug tests… We have no clue as to the identity of those three names so we will keep you posted with the latest information as we get it.
Chris: Hi, we’re back with T. Rex.

T. Rex “20th Century Boy”
Neil: It was the year when Glam. rock was at its height and even I used to go to college with dyed hair, a Ziggy Stardust haircut, platform shoes and Oxford bag trousers. We all loved Roxy Musk.
Roxy Musk “Pyjamarama
Chris: The controversial film Last Tango In Parts opened in London, and Paul McCartney is charged with growing pot on his Scottish farm. First Choke “Armed And extremely Dangerous
Timing Thomas “Why Can’t We live Together”
Chris: Well, the year was 1973.

David Cassidy “Daydreams”
Neil: I’d like to say hello to Sarah who works for Young & Rubicam at Greater London House.
She wants us to play “Break 4 Love” again, but we Anita, I’m afraid.
Digital Orgasm “Mood Eruption”
Chris: I’d just like to say hello to Steph, Jo, Dave, Kev and all the Wales travellers.
David Bowie “Your Love”
Chris: Coming up we’ve got today’s megamix, but before that.. (Laughs)… I keep for getting what we’re playing.
Neil: Looks at the script.
Chris: Oh that’s it. Love & Sas again.
Loved Sax “Don’t stop Now”

Neil: We’ve got tons of faxes in here. Rob and Melissa from Electric Marketing in London SW9 say “we usually listen to Woman’s Hour but discovered you on Tuesday. Behave groovy, boys, and play the Felix record again”. Actually we’re going to play it tomorrow.
Chris: One here to the Pet Shop Boys Crew, Hard-core 92- “keep playing the hard-core techno sounds of the Nineties. It’s the music that people want to hear.”
Neil: And Rick and Phil from Chippendales ‘Type in Otley, West Yorkshire, say “please play the Grateful Dead.” Well I don’t know about that, but we have got the Club Guide. We’ve also got a fax here ……. actually someone thinks the beetrecord we’ve played yesterday was “Heaven Must Have Sent You flack To Me” by Cicero. This is Smoggy from Edinburgh. Dainton’s just arrived. How did Cicero’s gig go last night then, Dainton?

Dainton: It was great. It was a good day. It was a good night.
Neil: Was he rocking’ the house?
Dainton: Oh, we stomped it. We rocked the gaff.
Neil: (Laughs) And this is Bananarama’s latest single.
Bananarama “Moving’ On”
Neil: That’s Bananarama and “Moving’ On”, The Spagana Dub… and this is “Espania”, I think the most popular record we’ve played all were Good 2 Bad & Hubly “Espania”
Chris: Well we said we weren’t going to play Felix but we’ve had so many requests for it that we are going to play it now. And here it is. We can read out a few faxes as well before we say good-bye today. Got one here from the Gunners shop, couflesy of Arsenal Football Club, from Sarah, Scotties and Amy Hello to you.

Neil: I’d like to say hello to Mick wheelhouse of Leeds, and also to my sister-in-law Sarah who’s just given birth to a baby girl. Well done.
Chris: Mouse Computer Graphics and Design saying…
Neil: Can you make less noise, Dainton, Please?
Chris: … saying, ER, what is it, “Work starts at 11 o’clock this week, because we’re dancing from nine”. Felix “Don’t You Want Me”
Chris: Well, that’s all from us for today.
Neil: We’ll be back tomorrow for our last day on Radio One FM. Normal service with Simon Bates to be resumed on Monday. See you
Chris: Be there or be a circle.


Chris: Good morning. We’re the Pet Shop Boys.
Neil: Welcome to our last morning live on One FM.
Sabrina Johnson “Peace”
Neil: What was this year? Well, Sabrina Johnston was in the Top Ten – numbers- with “Peace”. It was also the year of “Yin Peaks.
Moby “Go”
Chris: That was Moby and here is another clue – this was the year that Wining Mandela went on trial in South Africa.
The Army 0f Lovers “Crucified”
Neil: Pet Shop Boys live on One FM with the golden year when the Italian Sports Federation announced that tests revealed that Diego Maradona had taken cocaine and he was given a one year worldwide ban.
REM. “Losing My Religion”

Neil: Playing records from the year when three mortar bombs were fired at Downing Street from a van parked in Whitehall and one of the bombs exploded in the garden of 10 Downing Street
The Prodigy “Your Love”
Neil: Tony H and Mike D in Northwich Manchester have guessed the year right. So has Your in Uthecht, Holland, So we do have listeners in Europe. So what was the year, Chris?
Chris: The year was 1991.
Black Box “Ride On time”
Neil: Yes, this is part two of the Golden Hour with the Pet Shop Boys playing records from the year when Frank Bruno was beaten by the American boxer and world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. The fight was stopped in the fifth round.
Chris: Music had never been better.
Kyle Minogue “Wouldn’t Change A Thing”
Neil: It was the year when the Finnish health minister came up with an interesting suggestion that people suffering from stress should be sent on sex holidays where they could forget their worries and recuperate m an unequivocally erotic atmosphere.
Paula Abdul “Straight Up”

Neil: Nick and Julian from Mary Hill Carpets in Briefly Hill say “Dear Pets, had a word with Elvis last night at McDonnell Us and he really liked your version of Always On My Mind’.” They’ve guessed the year right – it was, of course, 1989.
Strings Of Life “Rhyihim Is Rhythim”
Chris: Right. We’ll be back in a moment with more top tunes.
Neil: m’s is the record we’re getting literally dozens of requests for – “Don’t You Want Me” by Felix. For instance all the Camel’s posse says “please slam it on”. We have done.
Messiah “I Feel Love” Papa Dee “Anita No Substitute”
Neil: Giles Lewis from Welling has faxed us to say, could we get a message to a mate of his called Tallett and say if he doesn’t turn tonight with his ten quid that he owes he’s going to flog his ten-inch of “Love Comes Quickly” for thirty quid in Record Collector.
Chris: Coming up at 10.30 we’ve got a really brilliant megamix from Dave Seaman who’s one half of Brothers in Rhythm.

Urban Shakedown “Some Justice”
Chris: Stay tuned.
Neil: Coming up now, the last fifteen minute dance megamix of the week Today’s is a really fabulous mix. It’s by Dave Seaman.
Dave Seaman megamix
Neil: I’ve got an unusual dedication here from someone who is apparently a great fan and has really enjoyed the show this week, So we’re saying hello to the vicar of Great Chestefford, the Reverend Alan Kemp.

Chris: Got a fax here from Jimmy Reynolds, Edinburgh, who says “this for the best music I’ve heard on the radio this year. I’ve been raving like crazy. Your taste in Music is sound. It’s about time us ravers got some airplay”.
Baby June “Hey What’s Your Name”
Neil: Dainton’s just fought his way into the building as usual. How many people are outside then, D?
Dainton: There’s quite a few fans, and they’re all well-behaved, most of them. It’s been a great week here. Most of them are regulars. So we should have a great time next tune we come…
Neil: (laughs) Anyway, we’d like to say thanks to everybody who’s been standing outside, particularity the Putney Posse etceteras. They know who they are.
Chris: We’d like to thank Dave Seaman and everyone at DMC for getting all the records together. We’d also like to thank Jill and Christine at our office.
Neil: And finally we’d like to thank Steve Hays who’s been ~…. who’s our plunger, and also who has been driving us in all week This is the last record of the week It’s “Music” by Liquid.
Liquid “Music”

Chris: That’s just about it from us for this week Hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as we have.
Neil: Yes, thanks everyone for listening. We’ve had a great time. We’d like to thank Fergus Dudley who produced the show, assisted by Clare Sturgis, and the show was engineered all week by PK. Bye bye.
Chris: See you later.

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