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On September 17th the Pet Shop Boys took over the Simon Bates show for one final time before his departure from Radio One. “It was fab,” says Neil. “The records were decided as the show was going oil, more or less.” After their two hours were over they stayed for a brief chat with Simon Bates himself, This is what happened…Neil: Hello. Today is Pet Shop Boys day or One FM.

Chris: Arid we…are…the Pet Shop Boys.
Love Station “Shins 0n Me”

Neil: Hello, this is the Pet Shop Boys (laughs) live on One FM with the Golden Hour, We’re playing records from the year when Labour lost the General Election and Britain came oils of the ERM.
Baby Jute “Hey What’s Tour Name”
Madonna “Deeper And Deeper”
Neil: What was the year? Well, it was the year that Bill Clinton was elected President, If you think you know, you can phone us on 071 6374343 or of course fax its – and people do – on 071 6362476. This was also the year that Take That finally became dead famous.
Take that It could Be Magic?”
Chris: Yeah. This was the year of the Barcelona Olympics.

Bump “I’m Rushing”
Neil: It was the year the Royal Family started to Implode with the revelations in the “Squidgy” tapes. What was the year?
U2 “One”
Chris: Right. The following people got the year right: Julie, Martin, Simon and James – the Golden Gladiators from Full Point’, Nicole Bailey from High Grade Foods Ltd (laughs); Michael Waddicore and – who else is this? Paul..
Lionrock “Lionrock”

Neil: Load of people have got this right. I think it was too easy, this year. Lee Woollard from Barnes,
Christopher Lowe – no relations – from Croydon, Tins Taggert from Ctapham South, Lisa Deller in Wandswonh, and John Winstanley in the West End of London all guessed that the year was last year, 1992.
Snap “Rhythum Is A Dancer”
Neil: The time now is 9.30. With the news, here’s Peter Bose,
9.30 News,

Den Harrow “Future Brain
Neil: This is the Pet Shop Boys live with part two of the Golden Hour, the year when Gorbochev came to power and Boris Becker won Wimbledon for the first time.
Chris: And a lot of Euro records.
Modern Talking “You’re My Heart You’re My Soul
Chris: Well, if you think you know the year you can phone or fax us.
Grace Jones “Slave To The Rhythm”

Neil: That was “Slave To The Rhythm” from Grace Jones, and before that Modem Talking, “You’re My Heart You’re My Soul”, and lm sure you all recognized “Future Brain” by Den Harrow. Prom the year when the miner’s strike ended,
Chris: And this is Sheryl Lee Ralph, “In The Evening”.
Sheryl Lee Ratph “ln The Evening
Chris: Well, the following people got it wrong: Pete Clark of Jandell Engineering Ltd; Jane Zacchars also got it wrong. But a bit of a Clue in facts massive Clue – it was the year of Live Aid,
Nu Shooz I Can’t Wait”

Neil: Paul Todd from Haycock thinks it 1985, and so does Janet Jenkinson from Newton Abbot in Devon. It wasn’t 1985, but this is Vicki L,,.vicki…I’ve forgotten…
Chris: Vicki Love,
Neil: Vicki Love and “Loveride
Chris: Yeah.
“Vicki Love “Loveride”
Chris: Cor ‘how sexy is that record? Well, here’s another one,,,
Lorraine MCKane “Let The Night Take The Blame”
Neil: Paula Hill in Derby, Philip Kirch from Nottingham and Stuart Hall, you’ve all guessed that this year – and what a great year for music ii was ‘was 1985.
10,00 News,

The Good Men “Give It Up”
Chris: Well, that was The Good Men, and here’s the new one from Cappella.
Cappella “U Got 2 Let The Music”
Neil: Well, it’s Pet Shop Boys day all day on Radio One today, and we are the Pet Shop Boys back back! back! on Radio One. This is actually the only show where you won’t hear any Pet Shop Boys records,
Pleased Wirnia “Passion”
Chris: Well, this record just keeps happening. For fact-finders it’s a cover version of the old Bobby 0 record, “Passion” by The Flirts
Seven grand Housing Authority “.The Question”
Neil: Well, the fax machine is flooding out lots of bits of paper. Can we wish happy birthday to Suzanna Sharples who’s outside Radio One at the moment? She’s actually 21 today. And I’d like to say a big happy birthday to Kevin Davis…

Chris: Was that a big happy birthday?
Neil: Well that’s what It says on the fax, actually.
Chris: (laughs) Oh, OK, fair enough.
Neil: And hello to everyone at AMB Glass in Malvern, and I’d like too say happy birthday to. My niece, Alice, whose birthday It is today and I’ve forgotten to send hers card.
Mohy “Move”
Neil: Thanks to Vicki from the Putney Posse – she’s just sent us a very nice bunch of flowers. ‘And the time is coming up to 10.30,which means it’s the news from Peter Bose.
10.30 News,

B Tribe “Fiesta Fatal”
Chris: Hello, this is the Pet Shop Boys live on Radio One. I’ve got a fax here from J.P. Dale Esquire. He says “Dear Radio One, Are the Pet Shop Boys going to play anything with a different beat or shall I switch off now?” Well, Simon Bates is back at II so you’ve got to suffer us for another 20 minutes or so.
Housecat “What’s Love About?”‘
Chris: Well, we’ve got some more faxes and these are all a bit better than the last one- “Dear
Neil and
Chris, the only time I hear decent music on Radio One is when you’re DJing -you’re wicked”- that’s more like It, thank you -tom Rachel in Coventry. Here’s one to “the Disco Kings”: “our studio walls are sweating,” from Andy and Darren at Plus 2 design in Stourtoridge, West Midlands. And that’s about It,
Aftershock “Slave To The Vine”
Neil: The studio is now like Grand Central Station. We’ve got Dainton here – are you going to say hello, Dainton?

Dainton: Hello, people out there.
Neil: We’ve also got the crew from the 0-Zone TV show, and if you want to know what this looks like, on October 1st at ten-past-seven on BBC2 you’ll be able to see an 0-Zaire special featuring this.
Bass Bunipers “Ruisitni
Chris: Well, -Debbie Saundets in Clacton-on-sea says “Keep It up. Lads. Excellent tunes. Well. Impressed. Your DJing is as good as your music,” Um, here’s one from Jason Stewart and the posse in Leeds: “In answer to the last guy who faxed you: switch to Radio Two get a life,” That’s not very pleasant, is It? Pet-Shop nudes: Nice one, guys – see you next week at the launch party” – K-KIass, And a few more, I can’t be bothered reading their, all, Here’s a new one from John Lydon and Leftfleld.
Leftfield & Lydon “Open Up”

Neil: Well, these two hours have passed very quickly for us. This is our last record – it’s called “Light My Fire” by Club House. Stay tuned to Radio One today for the rest of Pet Shop Boys day. We have some great costumes to give away, like costumes from “Can You Forgive Her?”, platinum discs, and one of
Chris Lowe’s keyboards.
Chris:- Yeah, and we’d just like to say thank you to Darren at Ted records for helping us to get all these records together. Hope you enjoyed It -we did,
Club House “Light My Fire”
11.00 News.
Simon Bates: OK. Some pithy questions. Enough of this incenses, Why is the clock at ten-past-twelve? why have you ruined My clock?
Neil: It wasn’t us. We think It was the film crew who left just before you came In
Simon Bates: A bed workman always blames… A series of questions: why didn’t you release “Go West” last year?
Neil: (explores at some length that EMI couldn’t get It ready in time
Simon Bates: So It was BBC television’s fault for the clock, and It was EMI’s fault for the record…
Neil: That’s right. Nothing is our fault.
Simon Bates: What are the plans for the future?
Neil: Urn, well…do we have any plans? We’re not splitting up. Every interview says “why haven’t you split up yet?” Why do people always ask that?
Simon Bates: Well, you do for about 9 months of the year, because you go your separate ways, don’t you?
Neil: Do we? –

Chris: It was I8 months, at the last count.
Simon Bates: So are you splitting up?
Neil: No.
Simon Bates: And are you doing live gigs in the future?
Neil: No.
Simon Bates: Are you making a major motion picture in Hollywood?
Neil: Oh you’ve heard….

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