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The Pet Shop Boys tour began on June 25th when the Pet Shop Boys and entourage flew to Hong Kong, and ended on the morning of July 22nd after an all-night party, called bingobangobongo at London’s Westway studios. In total Neil and Chris played 14 dates, as follows:

June 29 Hong Kong
June 30 Hong Kong
July 4 Tokyo
July 5 Tokyo
July 6 Tokyo
July 8 Osaka
July 9 Nagoya
July 13 Birmingham
July 14 Birmingham
July 15 Birmingham
July 17 Glasgow
July 19 London
July20 London
July 21 London

This is what the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong’s principal English language newspaper) said about the first night:

British pop duo Pet Shop Boy’s captivated Hong Kong Coliseum crowd last night with a spectacular blend of music, dance and theater in their world debut concert.

Despite playing to a slightly disappointing crowd of approximately 5,700 (75 per cent capacity), the duo and an entourage of backing singers and dancers turned on an electrifying performance, In the course of a setting one hour and 40 minutes die duo – Hong Kong’s second most popular Western act after Madonna – performed total of l6 songs, including two encores.

High camp and fancy’ dress was the order of the day’ with singer Neil Tennant completing almost a dozen changes of costume as the concert swept from theme to theme.

Directed by savant garde British film director Derek Jarman, who also contributed a film background for several songs, the concert at times resembled a stage musical more than a rock concert.

The show began with band and entourage clad in glittering raincoats and reached climax with a rendition of the song “It’s A Sin “which safety stage occupied by massive dolls and Tennant dressed in ornate robes and crown, clutching a trident.

Throughout the concert, 22-year-old British jazz musician Courtney’ Pine gave the music a classy edge with superb work on the saxophone, while a well choreographed dance troupe also excelled The notoriously conservative Hong Kong crowd also got into the swing of things after a start through which it had sat not quite sure how to respond to the pageant unraveling on stage.

By the time the group played a cover version of the Elvis Priestly-song ‘Always On My Mind” they’ were dancing in the aisles and stayed that was’ until the concert ended with two encores, “West End Girls “and “It’s Airtight”. ‘And they said it would never happen,” joked singer Tennant after the show as the band and entourage settled down to a party.

“It was very enjoyable, –we were thrilled and the audience was ideal “I think they showed it is a show to be watched but also to be danced to.”

Keyboard specialist Chris Lowe, who delighted the crowd by taking lead vocals and performing a dance routine during the song “Paninaro “said he was relieved it had all gone so well. “IT was surpassingly enjoyable but nerve racking in places. “Was his verdict. According to promoter Andrew Bull, tonight’s second show should be a sell Out In Britain the tour was greeted rudely in the Sunday Times, The Times and the Daily Telegraph but other- wise praised.

Neil and Chris were very happy with how the tour ,vent, and though no firm plans have yet been made it is likely that they will do a tour in some countries in 1990. If so, it will be a completely new production. A book largely based around this tour will appear late next spring; there will be more details in the next issue of Literally’.

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